Treatment of Menière's Disease

Treatment of Menière's Disease by Low Level Laser Therapy

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On the effectiveness of Low-Level-Laser-Light (LLLL) in the inner ear - Menière's Disease

Patients' Survey on Low-Level-Laser-Therapy (LLLT) of tinnitus and Menière's Disease treatment

Menière's Disease - Sideeffects

Menière's Disease: Are there negative sideeffects of Low Level Lasertherapy?

More than 30 years of experimental and clinical research shows, that Low Level Lasertherapy is free of sideeffects. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has ruled Low Level Lasertherapy as a therapy causing no harm to the patients.

Treatment of Menière's Disease: On the effectiveness of LLLL* in the inner ear

* Low-Level-Laser-Light
Examined by pre- and posttherapeutical audiometry courses of air and bone conductions over frequencies
of 0.125 - 12 kc

Lutz Wilden* und Dirk Ellerbrock Specialists in Treatment of Menière's Disease

Treatment of Menière's Disease: Basic data of the study

Treatment of Menière's Disease

* at the beginning of the treatment Menière's Disease

Treatment of Menière's Disease: Method

The energy was transmitted by 3 laser diodes with a wave length of 830 nm and 3 diodes with a wave length of 635 nm; it was administered via meatus and mastoid.
Treatment of Menières Disease

Treatment of Menière's Disease

Treatment of Menières Disease

The hearing capacity of the patients was ameliorated in all frequency sectors (average value = 20.6 %). The best db-reductions were obtained in the low frequency sector (9,3 db) and in the high frequency sector (11,2 db). There was a close (and biologically plausible) correlation as far as the amelioration of the hearing capacity and the age of the patients and the duration of their disease were concerned; this correlation was the higher, the more energy was transfered on the whole.

Treatment of Menière's Disease: Conclusions

If LLLL is administered in sufficiently high dosages to the inner ear (cochlea), it is possible to obtain and document medicinically significant biostimulative effects.

(db = decibel; j = joule; kc = kilocycle; nm = nanometer)

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