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  - Menières Disease: Dysfunction of the
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On the effectiveness of Low-Level-Laser-Light (LLLL) in the inner ear - menieres disease

Patients' Survey on Low-Level-Laser-Therapy (LLLT) of tinnitus treatment

All here presented therapy results are worked out with exlusively with the high dosage low level lasertherapy by Dr. Wilden®. They are not negotiable to other therapy offers.

All the biological connection in regard to the medical inner ear problematic are achieved by the own effort of Dr. Wilden. This work was done against all the official medical and biological points of view worldwide.
This knowledge is published from Dr. Wilden since 1996 and is protected by Copyright.
The utilization of this knowledge is only allowed by correct quoting.

Die biologische Reaktion des Innenohrorgans lässt sich mit Hilfe des Tonaudiogramms gut abschätzen.
The positive reaction of the inner-ear following the high dosage low-level-laser-therapie by Dr. Wilden® you can measure..

By help of the Audiometry you are able to do a diagnosis by yourself.


Examined by pre- and posttherapeutical audiometry courses of air and bone conductions over frequencies of 0.125 - 12 kc
L. Wilden1) und D. Ellerbrock

in: Laser Medizin, Volume 14, 1999, No. 4, ISSN 0938-756X

Patients' Survey on Low-Level-Laser-Therapy (LLLT)

L. Wilden1) and D. Ellerbrock

in: Laser Medizin, Volume 15, Sep. 2000, No. 3, ISSN 0938-765X

1) Private practice Dr. med. Lutz Wilden, Bad Füssing

Therapy Results
Individual therapy results docomented by audiometries befor and after the high dosage low-level-laser-therapie by Dr. Wilden®.

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