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Self diagnosis and a
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On the effectiveness of Low-Level-Laser-Light (LLLL) in the inner ear - menieres disease

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Self diagnosis and a method to help yourself

Making your self diagnosis tinnitus

Following the logic
of biologic it is possible to make your own self diagnosis by looking to your audiometry and comparing it with the information you got above.

Beside this you have annother possibility to test by yourself my informations of the overforcing of the inner ear and my informations about tinnitus, dysacusis, hyperacusis, pressure in the ear, vertigo, special if your innerear overstressing is not too chronical.
Protect your ears against loudness for a longer time (some weks and month) in your daily life.

By protecting your ears against loudness you will experience by time following change of your symptoms:
The pressure in the ear decrease, the hyperacusis is getting better. It is possible that the vertigo decrease, the tinnitus will be less agressive and less bad.

Self diagnosis Tinnitus - Why is this like this?

Because by protecting your innerear against sensless noise you protect it against sensless wasting of cellular energy (ATP), because the hearing process is an energy consuming biological working process.

In the moment you stop this wasting of ATP the inner ear cells can use the saved energy (ATP) and use it for their own biological regeneration process. The result for you is a soften of your inner ear symptoms.

Electr omicroscopic picture of the sense hairs of the inner ear cell
This picture makes the evolutionary concept of the inner ear visible. The inner ear is a very very high sensitive cellular structure.
The function of this organ is to make it possible for the mammam human being to survive in a natural enviroment between his natural enemies (lion, tiger, bear, etc.).
It is evident, that our inner ear was working for this.
But the enviroment in which the evolution was outlining the inner ear was for hundredthousands of years totally different from our actual eviroment - it was a totally natural calm enviroment.
This means the inner ears of the animals and human beings did not have to work for hours and hours every day like your inner ear have to do this. The world was full of wonderful tranquillity.

Today we are living inside a totally noisy enviroment, an enviroment we are creating constantly by ourself.
And this growing selfproduced noise weigh down more and more all human beings arround the world.
It is very naive to believe that this changing of our natural enviromental conditiones will have no consequences for our inner ears.
The consequences are of course the symptoms of the overstressing of the inner ear: tinnitus, pressure in the ear, sudden lost of hearing, reducing of the capacibility of hearing, dysacusis, hyperacusis, vertigo and morbus meniere.
Neither you or me are able to change this facts.
But both of us are able to help ourself with a very simple method - to protect the inner ear and the inner ears of children against sensless intensity of sound around us.

A remark: The longer time you use earplugs in an intelligent way the more you will love them.

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