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Tinnitus Treatment:
Therapy modalities used by Dr Wilden

Low Level Laser Tinnitus Treatment

Laser tinnitus treatment

Daily Tinnitus Treatment

  • To spare the patient a sensation of dizziness, both inner ears receive a daily treatment (the distribution of low level laser light being adjusted to the individual extent of the impairment).

  • The low level laser light is applied by means of at least four high-quality laser light sources via the auditory canal and the mastoid and petrosal bone.

  • The low level laser light is applied by means of three lasers with a total dosage of at least 4000 joule. Every laser emits 830 nm and 630-700 nm at the same time. The low level laser light is distributed extensively to transfuse the whole surroundings of the organ with photon energy and thus ensure the best possible biostimulative effect.
    This is the prerequisite for an enduring positive long-term effect of the low level laser therapy.

  • The duration of the tinnitus treatment is 60 minutes.

  • The tinnitus treatment is carried out in a comfortable, lying position.

  • During the tinnitus treatment the correct positioning of the light sources is constantly observed.

  • The tinnitus treatment is continuously supervised.

  • At the beginning of the tinnitus treatment the patient`s condition is examined by means of an audiometry.

  • At the end of the tinnitus treatment the regeneration process is checked by means of another audiometry.

  • After the conclusion of the ten-day out-patient tinnitus treatment the doctor in charge stays in close contact with the patient until the best possible therapy result is achieved (free telephonic advice)..

  • The tinnitus treatment is absolutely painless and contains no risk at all (e.g. risk of infection)

    Low Level Laser Tinnitus Treatment & the Inner Ear

    low level laser light in the auditory canal, middle and inner ear. low level laser light in the interior of the cochlea, in the auditory cells. low level laser light in the labyrinth, in the sensory cells of the organ of balance.
    Laser tinnitus treatment Dr Wildentinnitus treatment Laser tinnitus treatment
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