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Hearing loss: How the patients experience the healing process of their inner ear organs made possible by the low level laser light therapy

On the basis of our exact documentary evidence we are able to draw up a characteristic working profile of the biostimulative low level laser therapy for hearing loss:

Hearing loss: Experience of an amelioration of their hearing capacity

First the patients experience an amelioration of their hearing capacity. Then the symptoms sensation of pressure in the ear and vertigo improve, and finally the ringing in the ears (= tinnitus) changes its property; having first become unsteady in volume, tone quality and frequency (which often gets higher and higher) and more easily assignable to corresponding stressors, it gradually thins down and recedes further and further into the background, until it eventually disappears for good.

Hearing loss: Time of regeneration

The time needed for the cellular regeneration process naturally depends on the individual extent of the respective impairment:
Recent diseases heal quickly and entirely, while chronic diseases of many years` standing require a longer healing time that sometimes covers a period of several months or even years.
In these cases it is necessary to carry out occasional repeated treatments respectively to utilize a small tinnitus and vertigo home care system specially developed for this purpose.

Hearing loss serious diseasesAverage therapy course concerning patients with moderately serious diseases of the inner ear (hearing loss,tinnitus, vertig).

Hearing loss persistent diseases average therapy course concerning patients with persistent diseases of the inner ear (hearing loss,tinnits, vertig)

Thirty years of experience in clinical research of hearing loss

After thirty years of experimental and clinical research, there aren`t any known side-effects of low level laser light.
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