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Menière's Disease:
The regeneration time of the inner ear cells has biological reasons

Every single sensory cell of our inner ear is a unique cellular individual that accompanies us throughout all our life. Being highly specialised, it is indivisible, that is, unlike the cells of he skin, for example, it is incapable of regenerating itself by means of cell division.

The inner ear cell shows a high degree of "evolutionary toughness", however, enabling it to function for many years even if it is already impaired.

Menière's Disease &, low level laser therapy

The low level laser therapy for meniere's disease is making use of this fact by giving the exausted but living inner ear cell a true regeneration chance by increasing its ATP-production. It has to be added, though, that on account of its complex structure every inner ear cell needs a correspondingly long natural regeneration time.

Menière's DiseaseCrosscut of the cellular membrane as an example for the complex ultrastrukture of an inner ear cell, the has to be healed by means of ATP consuming processes.

On top of this, noise and stress are to be avoided during the healing phase of meniere's disease.
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