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Ear Ringing: Prediagnostic measures

Ear Ringing: Prediagnostic measures

It is highly recommendable for every inner ear patient who suffer in ear rinning to undergo a magnetic resonance tomography before the therapy (this examination serves to exclude tumurous changes in the central nervous system, especially neurinomae of the acoustic nerve, which are regarded as the only provable source of "a brain-induced ear ringing" and have to be removed surgically, of course). It is sufficient, if this examination is carried out once in the course of an inner ear disease.

Ear Ringing: exclude pathalogical diseases

In the case of patients over 50 years, and especially in the case of tinnitus surging in the rhythm of the patient`s pulse, it is adviseable to undergo a Doppler sonography of the jugular vessels to exclude pathalogical diseases of the vessels in question.

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