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Loss of hearing

Brief information on the prevention of inner ear diseases by means of the low level laser implement technology

An increasing knowledge of the qualities of low level laser light makes it possible to use it for the prevention of inner ear diseases on a wide scale.
Technologically speaking, it is no serious problem today to equip everyday utensils such as telephones, head receivers, hearing aids etc. with low-dosage low level laser light diodes to supply the acutely overstrained inner ear cells in the moment of stress with an appropiate amount of protective energy.

The fact that the biological quality of our inner ear organs increases with the aid of the low level laser therapy (the inner ear becomes a keener sensory organ again) constitutes a prophylactic measure in itself.

It is urgently recommendable for every inner ear patient, though, to avoid unnecessary disturbances both during the therapy and the regeneration process and take active noise prevention measures.
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