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Low Level Laser Therapy

The low level laser light radiated into your inner ear constitutes a defined biological energy. It is measured in joule (J = watt x second) and thus a standard measure for the quantity of low level laser light the patient receives per treatment session.

As mentioned before, we emit at least 4000 joule, distributed over the entire organ, per 60 minutes of therapy time.

In addition to the quantity in joule, the wave length of the low level laser light employed is an important feature of quality.
As we know from experience, the red (630-700nm) and near infrared (780 - 830 nm) light region ensure the best possible results. These wave lengths are being utilized in my office.

Laser light can both be radiated continuously or pulsated.

On an international scale, there is a trend towards the radiation with continuous waves as these facilitate an exact dosage of the light and so far there is little basis for the assumption that an artificial pulsation is biologically relevant. Furthermore, our cellular structures have developped under the influence of the natural solar radiation, which is emitted continuously as well. This is why in my office I only use low level laser light radiated in continuous waves.

The Inner ear disease Low Level Laser Therapy: Prove the light

Generally speaking, however, it is an unmistakable sign for the vitality and effectiveness of the low level laser technology that the spectrum of different implements and therapies is getting bigger all the time. Therefore, it is to be welcomed that the developement of small and inexpensive low level laser implements makes it possible for every interested person to check out the biological qualities of low level laser light by treating relatively innocuous clinical pictures such as lip herpes or acne by themselves.
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