Information about fields in those which low level laser therapy finds application

Laser therapy: General arteriosclerosis of the central nervous system

Laser therapy: Chronic skin illnesses and problems in wound healing

Laser therapy: Chronic exhaustion

Laser therapy: Chronic sinus inflammations

Laser therapy: General infection susceptibility and allergic reactions, especially with children

Laser therapy: Orthopaedic illnesses

Laser therapy: General artheriosclerotic processes of the cardiovascular system and general vitality loss

Laser therapy: Acute virale infections

Laser therapy: Chronic abdominal ailment

Laser therapy
General infection susceptibility and allergic reflexes, especially with children

Laser therapy strengthen the immune system

Infections recurring always and allergic reactions are signals of a lack of energy of the cells of our immune system.

LL laser light repairs this energy lack and spends to the immune competent cells of our defense system additional energy (ATP) in order to implement sufficient defence reactions. The infections can then be healed out from our own physical strength. The disharmonyses of the immune system underlying to the allergic reactions are controlled and balanced by the immune system himself.

Laser Therapy
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