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Alarm signs - inner ear dysfunction

Inner ear dysfunction - information for children and adults who are using hearing aids

Prevention - inner ear dysfunction

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Prevention Inner Ear Dysfunction: Recomendation to protect your ears

  • If you are exposed in your work with noises for short or long periods you need to wear a correct ear protection all the time.

  • When you are traveling by airplane.

  • When you are going to a concert.

  • When you practice a musical instrument.

  • When you walk on the street or drive your car and suddently you hear sirens from police patrols, fire enginesor ambulances, try to protect your ears at least with both hands.

  • If you are normally use hearing aids, try NOT to wear them all the time and take off for short periods, so your ears can take a rest.

  • If you have already severe symptoms in your ears, you must protect them at all times, even from the normal noises present in daily life.

  • These recommendations are for children and adults.

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