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Development of the high-dosage low level laser therapy by Dr. WildenŽ

The special qualities of high-dosage low level laser therapy by Dr. WildenŽ

Development of medical laser therapy equipment by Dr. WildenŽ

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Development of medical laser therapy equipment by Dr. Wilden

Low level laser therapy acts on a cellular level.

Low level laser light treatment stimulates production of cellular energy (ATP production).

It provides a supply of energy to the cell which is exhausted by the disease, so that it can realize the regeneration ability stored as information in the cell nucleus (=regeneration knowledge genetically stored in the cell nucleus) in the form of concrete regeneration work in the cell.

This basic biological effect of low level laser light produces compulsory conclusions resulting from the optimum therapeutic use of low level laser light in patients when it comes to the design of therapy appliances, both for first therapy in the low level laser therapy practice, and also for long-term therapy in the hands of the patient.

Dr. Wilden recognized this at a very early stage, resulting in the following requirements for efficient laser therapy equipment and laser therapy concepts:

  1. Adequate dosage of laser light must be made available for the first therapy with low level laser light.
  2. The laser appliances or the laser therapy concepts must guarantee high-precision radiation of the organ affected.
  3. If necessary, it must be possible for the patients to proceed with long-term therapy with low level laser light.
  4. The technical quality of the therapy appliances must be guaranteed continuously

1) The E-trans for treating: herpes, acne spots, mouth sores, inflamed nasal vestibules, rhinitis, cracked lips, open sores, small patches of eczema, link to e.K.

2) The home care system for treating: disease of the inner ear in combination with a laser therapy pin connected to the basic laser appliance for treatment of chronic arthrosis.

Laser light diodes has also a limitate life time, and their constant light quality has to be controlled continuously by the laser therapy experts. It is important for you as patient to check this quality criterion.

Daily control of the laser light is one of the many quality features of the high-dosed low level laser therapy by Dr. WildenŽ.

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